High Speed Rural Internet

Live out in the country? Get high speed Internet Now!

Our parent company Ethoplex has been in business for over 15 years and got its start doing primarily Business to Business internet in Milwaukee, WI.  We had so many requests from people outside of the city, that we have finally brought our High Speed Internet access out to those in rural areas, where broadband provider options are limited. Ethoplex/Signal Internet now extends its network to rural communities in Washington, Dodge, and Fond du Lac counties.

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unlimited data
no caps or throttling
$99 setup fee or one year agreement (you choose)
(optional) managed WiFi router for $10/mo

10 mbps

$50 per Month

email, websurfing, & stream 1 HDTV
10 mbps download
1 mbps upload

25 mbps

$75 per Month

stream 2 HDTVs, work remotely, casual gaming
25 mbps download 
5 mbps upload 

50 mbps

$100 per Month

rural gamers dream!
50 mbps download 
5 mbps upload 

100 mbps

$125 per Month

4K TV's & large files 
100 mbps download 
10 mbps upload 

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#1 Fastest Fixed Wireless Provider in Wisconsin by

#1 Fastest Fixed Wireless Provider in Wisconsin



No Throttling 

Imagine you're binge watching your favorite TV Show online or your Streaming the Game and the worst possible thing could happen.  You ran out of data on your plan!  Forget working from home for the rest of the month or get prepared to hear the kids yelling at their video games.

Not with Signal Internet!  We are truly Unlimited, all month long, use as much data as you would like. Never again will you have to wait until next month to finish that episode or hear screams from down the hall coming from the kids room because they lost their game.

No Caps


Always High speed

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No Catches, No Gimmicks, We give our customers options 



 No Contract

Many internet providers charge huge fees for installing internet, especially wireless internet.  We have even seen some install fees as much as $380!  If you don't like install fees, just stay with us for 1 Year and we will call it even.

Why be locked into something long term if it doesn't work for you?  We believe in our internet service so wholeheartedly that we say, "You don't want a contract? No problem!" All we ask is that you help us out with some of the cost of installation.  Only $99!

30 Day Guarantee

30 day guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our internet service feel free to call us within 30 days for a full refund

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  • George from Washington Co.
  • Mary from Richfield, WI

Why Latency is Important!

Work from home

With many more people these days working from home, high quality Internet is a must.  Employers are asking the following: What's your bandwidth?  What's your Ping time?  Does your provider allow VPN?  With Signal Internet we have, High Speed, Low Latency, VPN Ready Internet!  Richard explains more in the video here.

Great for Gaming

Do you have gamers in the house constantly yelling at the screen?  "I'm Lagging AGAIN!!" Most video games these days are played online with others.  Even if you have an amazing computer or the latest game console, you're still going to have a bottleneck at the internet coming into the home.  Check out this video where Richard talks more about "Latency", and why you want less of it!

Stream your favorite shows

Even with our lowest package you can still stream in HD.  No having to wait forever for the show to start playing, no buffering in the middle of the episode, and no wheel of death!

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Need Proof?


If you see anything less than 10 Mpbs on the download, click "Sign Up" and we will check your address for service.

Still not convinced, give us a call @ (844) 574 4625

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